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Steampunk Laptop Created by Datamancer

Steampunk, in the most general sense, is where the Victorian intersects science fiction. The following Edwardian Period (1901-1910) is also fair game. Steampunk's fashion, arts and gadgets give form to an imaginary world where technological advancements are not formed predominately from modern plastics and stainless steel, but rather are fashioned from warmer, more organic materials like wood, copper, bronze, and, of course, are often animated by steam power.


The Electric Skull, Created by Art Donovan

While some site Steampunk's inception with the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Vern, the term "Steampunk" is widely held to have been coined in the 1980s by the author K. W. Jeter to describe the flavor of his book, Morlock Night, as well as the works of authors James Blaylock and Tim Powers.

As Steampunk gains popularity, its definitions within the electronic aether multiply; so, this site seeks not to replicate the already available, not to mention commendable, synopses of Steampunk to be found at Wikipedia and within the links accessible on this page. Rather, I would find it exceedingly more amusing to hear what draws others to this you became attracted to it, what it means to you, and how it inspires you.

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Instruments 'Artistec' and Mechanical Accoutrement

Datamancer - gorgeous functional art, computers, keyboards and other cool projects
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Dahlia Jane - many excellent Steampunk entries on this deliciously "dreary" blog.
Steampunk Workshop - Jake von Slatt's ecclectic "how-to" site.

Outings and Forums

Colorado Chrononaut's League - announcements of local events and a great site for converse with Steampunk enthusiasts.
The Steampunk Forum at Brass goggles - an unfathomable wealth of information...


Steampunk Fashion - a fun and friendly livejournal community.


An Introduction - a concise and visually appealing article on AbeBooks passed along by a friend!